"Nerd!” is the story of Ned, a brilliant college student who is also the captain of the school’s VR team. At its heart, “Nerd!” is a story about love, friendship and Nerddom, plus it transcends race and gender equality.

Ned goes through a lot of loss in the story. He loses the girl, a couple of teammates to crazy injuries and his confidence in himself. But when he gains a friend in Shequan, things begin to get better for Ned, his love life, and his team!

Ned's the captain of his college Virtual Reality (VR) team and all he needs to do this year is:

  • Win the girl from the quarterback of the football team
  • Find a new world class VR eSports player to help reassemble his decimated team, and
  • Win the collegiate championship.

No problem!

Although it’s been compared to Revenge of the Nerds, This romantic comedy is more of a 21st century Cyrano de Bergerac.

Now the synopsis...

 At the annual fall meeting of the college’s team captains, Ned, captain of the VR team and Craig, captain and quarterback of the football team, meet Roxanne. She’s the captain of the newly-formed women’s squash team and, of course, Ned and Craig each feels that she should be their next girlfriend. Realizing that Roxanne is a very intelligent woman, Ned feels that he has a shot at her, but internal struggles with self-esteem prevent him from seeing that she has a crush on him, too.


In the meantime, Ned has other problems; his team is being decimated. Jonas has to redshirt the season due to an extreme case of acne and Harv, one of the team’s best players, suddenly “lost his mojo” and can’t even win a game of Connect-4. Without a full complement of players, the team wouldn’t be allowed to play in the national championship Virtual Reality tournament to determine the best collegiate VR team in the country.

 At least Ned’s love life may be looking up, as Roxanne has invited him to have lunch with her; of course, he eagerly accepts.  He reaches the restaurant and checks himself once more in the large glass window. What he sees inside is Roxanne as two guys are trying to hit on her. He misreads what he sees and thinks that she is with them. He walks away. Ned chooses to go into the one place where he can be himself - Virtual Reality. At the VR arcade, he meets Shequan, a homeless, 19-year-old African-American who challenges Ned to a VR FPS game that Ned was unfamiliar with. He eventually accepts the challenge, as well as the $100 wager – and loses. Shequan takes the money and leaves Ned to ponder his failure.

Ned gives up on winning Roxanne, and Craig convinces Ned to help him get a date with Roxanne. Against the very adamant advice of his teammates – the few that are left – Ned decides that everyone else would be better off if Roxanne were dating Craig and agrees to help. Ned and Craig trade phones so that Ned can woo Roxanne with his written words, which she’ll believe were coming from Craig...


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